How to Find A Surveyor


Updated: 28 Mar 2015

Any visitor may search for a surveyor on this site - you needn't have a member account.

Selecting Resources | Find A Surveyor | Surveyor Search takes you to the Search screen. Here you will see some basic instructions along with two lists on the left side. These are the search criteria used to find a surveyor.

The two search criteria are: (1) Type of Survey and (2) County. WSLS members included in the Surveyor Search will have this information in their profile. To find one of these surveyors, select the Type of Survey you need along with the County where the project is located.

Most surveyors perform many Survey Types and practice in multiple Counties. You may select more than one Survey Type and County; to increase the number of surveyors consider including surrounding Counties in your search.

As you select a Type or County, a list of search results will begin to show. If nothing appears, change some of your choices. You may have to click the Search button to refreash the search.

The search results are sorted by last names. Clicking a name will open that surveyor's profile which includes additional information including how to contact the surveyor.

If you encounter a problem or have questions please contact Find A Survey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..