Page Layout Format

Last update: 04 Feb 2015


To maintain visual consistency throughout the WSLS website we will be using a standardized format for Chapter and Committee pages. This ensures a more professional appearance and facilitates user navigation ease. We're adopting a simple format which will, hopefully, provide enough flexibility on individual pages. If you find it too restrictive please let us know so we can help you or modify the format to meet your needs.

Each Committee and Chapter has been given a unique username and password. Those will allow you to log in and edit your respective page. To whom you assign that responsibility is up to your Comm/Chap but please try to keep it to a single person, two at most.

A Access and Edit video in the Training Area shows how to log in, access and modify your page. It goes into a bit more depth than this article.



Your page editing will be done in a window with toolbars across the top similar to the picture below:



All editing will be in the area below the toolbars. The editor is much like a word processor so you should be familiar with its operation. When done editing, click the Save button.


General Page Format

Don't change the page name (Title). If you think it should be different, please let us know. The name is used in menus and we want to make sure no links are broken

The first thing at the top of your page should be the date of your last edit. This indicates the material currency.

Include a contact email/phone number either under officers/chair or at the bottom of your page.

If you need to link to a document, email the document to us; we'll upload it and send you the link address. You can then set up a link on your page.

Use the following text format

  • Section Headings - Heading 4
  • General text - Paragraph

To apply a format, select the text and pick its format from the list on the toolbar:


Try to avoid using Bold or Underline; you can use Italic for emphasis or for titles.


Basic Chapter Page Content

Section Headings

  • Officers: include names; other contact info at your discretion
  • 2015 Meetings: Date, topic/speaker, location, etc
  • Minutes of Last Meeting (at your discretion)
  • You may include other Section Headings as appropriate.

If you have an external Chapter website, place a link to it at the top of the page below the last edit date. Set the link to open in a new window.

Basic Committee Page Content

Section Headings

  • Charge/Responsibility
  • Committee Chair
  • You can include contact info as well as Committee members if you like.
  • Meeting Information (optional)
  • Resources (optional): You may include links to other sites or documents applicable for Committee activities
  • You may include other Section Headings as appropriate.

If you have an external Committee website, place a link to it at the top of the page below the last edit date. Set the link to open in a new window.


The basic page editing process is pretty straightforward. There are other options such as adding images, special characters, etc, you might find useful. There's an "Page Access and Editing" video in the Training Area which explains basic editing along with other options.

We plan on adding more articles and videos in the Training Area to support your page mainteance; if there's something specific you want addressed, let me know and we'll put something together.

If you run into any problems or need help please contact me either by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: 715-896-3178.


  • 15 Jul
    Wisconsin Historic Landscape Project 08:00 PM

    Are you interested in the landscape and vegetation of Wisconsin prior to European settlement? Do you need access to historic Public Land Survey System (PLSS) data? Are you curious about historic applications

  • 30 Jul
    MSPS Summer Meeting All Day

    Minnesota Society of Professional Land Surveyors Summer Meeting

  • 30 Jul
    Rules Changes DSPS Hearing 09:00 PM

    Hearing on Rules 15-036 and 15-039. Time: tba