Survey Map Review Committee

Last update: 05 Apr 2014

Committee Charges

  • Respond to requests for review to see that survey maps meet the requirements of A-E 7 using a formalized letter and checklists
  • Prepares a best practice guidebook detailing interpretations of A-E 7 and other issues raised by the reviews
  • Respond to questions and “standards review” questions from the membership, and those who file surveys.
  • Recommend changes to “Types of Surveys” / “Find a Surveyor” on the web site.


Francis Thousand
5113 Spaanem Ave.
Madison, WI 53716
(O) (608) 222-6152
(C) (608) 770-9759
(F) (608) 222-6152
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Map Review Request Form

A-E 7 Checklist - short

A-E 7 Checklist - long


  • 15 Jul
    Wisconsin Historic Landscape Project 08:00 PM

    Are you interested in the landscape and vegetation of Wisconsin prior to European settlement? Do you need access to historic Public Land Survey System (PLSS) data? Are you curious about historic applications

  • 30 Jul
    MSPS Summer Meeting All Day

    Minnesota Society of Professional Land Surveyors Summer Meeting

  • 30 Jul
    Rules Changes DSPS Hearing 09:00 PM

    Hearing on Rules 15-036 and 15-039. Time: tba