Survey Map Review Committee

Last update: 05 Apr 2014

Committee Charges

  • Respond to requests for review to see that survey maps meet the requirements of A-E 7 using a formalized letter and checklists
  • Prepares a best practice guidebook detailing interpretations of A-E 7 and other issues raised by the reviews
  • Respond to questions and “standards review” questions from the membership, and those who file surveys.
  • Recommend changes to “Types of Surveys” / “Find a Surveyor” on the web site.


Francis Thousand
5113 Spaanem Ave.
Madison, WI 53716
(O) (608) 222-6152
(C) (608) 770-9759
(F) (608) 222-6152
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Map Review Request Form

A-E 7 Checklist - short

A-E 7 Checklist - long