Dec 2013 Problem

Snow Way to Treat a Friend

Surveyor Tom and four of his surveyor friends chatted on Facebook last night about the first snowfalls of the season. Each lives in a different Wisconsin county and all had already gotten a snowstorm, but on different days of the week with differing amounts. The storms were small (1" to 3") but that didn’t prevent all five surveyors from confidently predicting total winter snow for their counties.

Using the information provided determine the name of each surveyor, his county, how much snow fell in their first storm as well as the day of the week, and what each surveyor's estimated total snowfall is (40, 50, 60, 70, or 80 inches).

1. Surveyor Tom lives in Burnett County but he didn't get snow on Thursday. Henry got snow on Tuesday, but not 2 inches.

2. Walter got half an inch less snow than the surveyor who got snow on Monday, but he got an inch more than the surveyor who estimated his area would get 80 inches.

3. The surveyor who lived in Forest County, who wasn't Matthew, guessed 20 inches more snow for his county than the surveyor who got snow on Friday guessed.

4. The five surveyors, in no particular order, were Alan, the surveyor who estimated his county would get 80 inches, the surveyor who lived in Iron County, the surveyor who already got 2 inches of snow, and the surveyor who got snow on Thursday.

5. Matthew got 3 inches of snow but not on Thursday. Alan lives in Clark County but he didn't get snow on Wednesday.

6. The surveyor from Green County estimated his area would get 30 inches less than Matthew guessed. The surveyor that guessed 50 inches of snow didn't get snow on Thursday.

S D B Total Name Rec'd Comments
6 10 0 16 Laurence Schmit 31 Dec '13  
 6  8  0 14   Jay Adams 31 Dec '13   
6 6 5 16 Chris Ruetten 3 Jan '14 Included a matrix outlining solution.
6 4 0 10 Bill Holme 4 Jan '14  
6 2 0 8 Dennis Melichar 6 Jan '14  
6 2 5 13 Alex Durkin 7 Jan '14 Also included a solution matrix.
6 2 0 8 Terry Van Hout 8 Jan '14  
2  6 Norm Hanson 10 Jan '14  Close, but flipped two surveyors.
6 2  8 Bob Lannan 20 Jan '14  


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