March 2014 Problem

Surveyors of the Lost Arc

North and south PLS township lines originally were run in as true lines of latitude so they were curved.  The diagram shows the south line of T23N R18W 4th PM, Badger County, WI.  All the corners along the township boundary line are lost except for those at the SW corner of Section 31 (A) and SE corner of Section 36 (B).

township line

You’re re-establishing the SE corner of Section 33 by proportionate measurement between A and B. The approximate latitude and longitude of the corner location are 44°25' N and 92°30’ W. The horizontal distance between A and B is 31,693.25 ft.
What is the offset to the south from the chord AB to the latitudinal arc at the SE corner of Section 33? To minimize roundoff error, compute to nearest 0.1 link.

offset to arc



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 Bill Holme 03 Apr                     
 Alex Durkin 03 Apr           
 Dave Tlusty 14 Apr