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Northeast Chapter Seminar - Green Bay WI

23 Sep 2021 7:30 AM | Joseph Tew (Administrator)

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  • Boundary Survey Issues - The seminar will examine some legal and technical boundary location issues. It will begin with a brief review of boundary location legal principles (Rules of Construction, evidence, etc.) followed with a discussion of legal and technical provisions of A-E 7. Example scenarios and case law will be used to illustrate particular principles. Attendees are encouraged to contribute specific situations they would like discussed.
  • Researching Documents/Chain of Title - We're back in person so let's make this fun and interactive! Cheri will provide an overview of where and for what title companies search to produce their commitments, including touching base on important time periods. That's the boring part. The fun part will be courtesy of YOU! Have you ever pulled a document and simply stopped, scratched your head, and said "Why?" "What?" "Who would".... if so please share that document with Cheri now (cah@knightbarry.com) and she'll include the document in her slidedeck and then we can chat -- IN PERSON
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