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Certified Survey Technician Committee

Committee Charges

  • Promote participation in this program with both technicians and their employers.
  • Schedule testing at least twice a year in conjunction with the Annual Institute and the Summer Meeting.
  • Sponsors annual awards and recognition for those who have become Certified Survey Technicians during the past year.
  • Encourage employers to link the CST testing with raises and promotions.
  • Promote the program to the Wisconsin DOT to be included as part of their contracting and among its personnel.
  • Prepare a brief for publication that explains the program and the benefits for hiring CST’s for firms.
  • Will meet with the Education Committee to discuss CST as an evaluation tool for future employment and the pro’s and con’s of a certificate needed for employment.
  • Reach out to inactive CST’s to identify how the program could work better.
  • Identify private firms that may have larger amounts of survey technicians, and work toward promoting the program to these firms.
  • Use the WSLS Website to promote the committee and the program to the members of the WSLS.
  • Maintain lists of active and inactive CSTs.
  • Inform active and inactive CSTs of updates and changes with the program coming from both the state and national level.

NSPS has approved a measure to retain CST members. Any CST member that is also an NSPS member will have their CST renewal fee waived. Our CSTs should know about this!


Craig Donze

(O) (262) 366-5086

Why Should I Become a CST?

Technician benefits include:

  • Recognition by Peers and Employers
  • Personal Pride - Achieving Certification
  • Pay – CST’s can potentially earn more based on credentials
  • Opens up the door for Career and Employment opportunities
  • Prepares you for other professional exams
  • CST Program compliments training
  • Certification improves image of survey technicians within the profession

Why Should I Hire a CST?

Employer benefits include:

  • Sets a standard for your Technical staff
  • Additional credentials for staff makes corporate resume more attractive
  • Can be used as a career ladder which creates a promotional tool within your firm or agency
  • Can be used in conjunction with training
  • Raises the bar and creates healthy competition
  • Better qualified staff – more production - more profit
  • Better qualified staff – less mistakes – reputation improves – more business

List of active Wisconsin CSTs

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