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Boy Scout Surveying Merit Badge

  • 21 May 2022
  • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Wisconsin Rapids Campus

“I have the Boy Scout Surveying Merit Badge class scheduled for Saturday, May 21.  Last time, I really needed some help and was able to enlist a former student at the last minute but technically the badge requirements are to have a PLS participate in the activity.  I’d really like some help if we can see who can participate that day; it is 8am-4pm on our Wisconsin Rapids campus.

There are six signed up now, and the scout leader said we can expect 12-15.  To me, this sounds like 4 teams of people so I’m seeking 3 people to help out that day, at least one of whom is a PLS.

We need to run a level loop and a traverse with a total station to meet the badge requirements.  They also are expected to get a copy of a deed from the Register of Deeds, so we will talk about how to interpret it.  I also have the deed for the school property.  I have plenty of levels, and 3 total stations so we have enough equipment if we don’t all use it simultaneously.

Last time, they gave us about $50 in gift cards to Kwik Trip as appreciation for our time.  Since this is actually a registered class I’m getting paid, so anyone helping out can split whatever the Boy Scouts provide to us.”

If you would like to help out please reach out to Greg Webster; , or myself.

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